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What We Do

Dots on Circles

Our clients retain us to help them reassess, redefine and reshape their boards and C-suites and to provide counsel on optimal structure, who might best add value and how to attract them.


Market Analysis

Our forte is executing difficult searches where technical skill intersects with commodity experience, challenging deliverables and remote location.

Specialist Recruitment

Insurance Consultation

We help you define your talent strategy and how your people’s contributions affect its success, by ensuring the right individuals are in the right roles, on the right teams, with the right expectations. We help you to effectively engage, hire, lead, motivate and reward employees.

Recruitment Consulting

How We Work



We don't intend to be all things to all people, and believe depth is better than breadth. Our strategic focus is exclusively on the mining and mineral processing space. It's all we know and it's all we do.



The key to our success is our relentless networking. We focus on finding talent in the market, not just talent on the market. We constantly prospect through the industry, forging strong relationships



We “get” you. We analyse your whole business environment, developing a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, culture, strengths, challenges and pain points.




Lincoln Strategic’s core values for recruitment are Simplify, Engage, and Understand. As an organization we work hard to apply them to every step of the process, and we are committed to using the best tools and techniques available to turn these values into results for our candidates and clients.

For the past seven years Lincoln has partnered with Predictive Success; an industry leading performance analytics provider to help us do that. Predictive Success provides technology to identify behavioural and performance traits of jobs and candidates

Predictive Success provides cutting edge software and solutions for employers all across Canada. Their technology and expertise helps organizations to hire better people, retain them longer, and increase their productivity.

Lincoln uses their Predictive Index software to identify the key drivers for a role before we start recruiting. What traits will make a new employee successful in the job? What goals and attitudes will allow them to thrive in the company? Using the Predictive Index software we work with our clients to collect and analyze these insights, so we can focus our efforts and identify the best candidates.

Once Lincoln has begun to identify candidates for the role we then use their Behaviour Assessment software to assess the candidate against the predictive analysis of the job,

Lincoln Strategic - PCS Case Study

Our Clients

Grey Limbo
“I have worked with Lincoln Strategic on several projects, where finding the right person or people, was a critical component of project success. On every occasion, this group has demonstrated it has the contacts and relationships at hand, to find the right people, in terms of expertise, core values and availability. I look to Lincoln Strategic as a principle partner in the success of our business.”

President & CEO, Gold Mining Company

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